How To Find Profitable Ecom Products & Their Facebook Ads

December 30, 2019

Read Attila's guide on how to find profitable ecommerce products and their Facebook ads.

Everyone know's Attila, a super affiliate and top blogger of wrote an amazing guide on how to find profitable ecommerce products to sell, and how to find their ads. We loved his guide so much, that we had to share it with you.

"If you are into Shopify and Drop Shipping then you will love this guide. I am going to show you step by step how to uncover the winning products and all the ads used to promote it on Facebook.

I don’t recommend you Rip n Run the ads; as Facebook Algo knows very well who is the owner of the ad and won’t give you high quality traffic if you rip someone elses ads, thus you are doomed to fail.
Instead, use the ads for winning products to come up with your own variations and create similar ads."

Make sure to check out the full guide on

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